IV Drip Therapy – Now at P3!

We’ve partnered with BN2 IV to offer intravenous drip therapies that support our recovery and well-being practices.

IV Drip Therapy allows for the 100% bioavailability (absorption) of fluids, minerals, and vitamins. Bypassing the gut when administering through a vein, nutrients flow straight into the bloodstream and directly to the cells.

Here’s a sample of some of the infusions we offer to support optimal wellbeing:

Bn2 Focus: This infusion will aid memory, focus, energy and lift brain fog
Bn2Calm: Assist with stress, aid relaxation, improve sleep issues
Bn2 Healthy Skin: Assist with skin glow, wound healing, acne
Bn2 Endurance: increase energy, focus and muscular strength
Bn2 Recovery: Assists with muscle recovery, cramps and post training
Bn2 Detox: Aids your liver to detox your body from toxins and chemicals.

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