Access the unlimited benefits of breathwork through one of our weekday or weekend breathwork classes.

Our classes are designed to enhance performance, reduce stress, improve mental strength, and connect you to deeper parts of yourself.

We do this by teaching you breathing techniques which allow you to achieve a state of calm.

Stabilised correct breathing will also assist when focused entering our ice bath and cold immersion pool, therefore allowing you to unlock the additional benefits of cold exposure.

Benefits Include

  • Improve stress response
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Improve and stabilise blood pressure
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Positive changes in our mindset
  • Mental stillness/clarity
  • Emotional regulation
  • Enhance creativity
  • Improve brain function and mind power
  • Cleanse and purify the bloodstream and lymphatic system
  • Reduce depression/anxiety

All our services are designed to support optimal living and enhance performance.

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Breath and bath workshop

Join us for this amazing class of self-discovery and performance enhancement through breathwork and cold-water immersion.