Bring a friend or enjoy a relaxing solo session in one of our Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas.

Full spectrum refers to the entire infrared spectrum of near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared and means you get maximum benefit from your sauna.

Near Infrared is the shortest wavelength, and will be absorbed just below the surface of the skin

Creating a sweat that promotes healing and revitalization whilst Mid Infrared is a longer wavelength that can penetrate deeper into the body’s soft tissue increasing circulation, releasing oxygen to reach injured areas.
Finally, Far infrared is the longest wavelength which penetrates the fat cells causing vasodilation, where the fat cells vibrate to expel toxins, resulting in the greatest levels of detoxification and stimulate your metabolism to aid in weight-loss.

Benefits Include

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduced inflammation and muscle soreness
  • Eliminate bodily toxins
  • Promotes relaxation and rest

All our services are designed to support optimal living and enhance performance.

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Breath and bath workshop

Join us for this amazing class of self-discovery and performance enhancement through breathwork and cold-water immersion.

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